You found the ‘About’ section, in which I’ll tell you about myself and what you may find in this blog, all while attempting to not sound like a contrived fool. A task near impossible, I’d argue.

I’m Emma, and this is my blog. Sorry for stating the obvious. I’m 21 years-old, currently living in Penarth. Not that I’ve lived anywhere else. I tend to ramble, even though I do get to my point eventually. A trait which will always be apparent, I’m sure.

When I initially began the ‘Emma Thoughts’ blog on another platform, I didn’t entirely know what I’d feature. Whether it’d be reviews, general rants, interviews, or something different altogether. I’m quite an indecisive person, in terms of actually reaching a decision. And in the forward thinking that my brain can just randomly scream topics for be to want to discuss, I decided to cater towards the masses and blog about anything and everything, just whatever should take my fancy. Quite a large umbrella. And thus, Emma Thoughts was born.

So, gig reviews, album reviews, telly reviews, movie reviews, restaurant and bar reviews, thoughts and feeling on current affairs, possibly the odd interview, along with updates on what life is serving up for me, all nicely contained in one blog. Tied up neatly with a red ribbon. (Or maybe not.)

I’m not going to pretend to be a professional in any way, shape or form. This isn’t what I do for a living, although it’s something I strive towards. If anything, this’ll be a learning curve, so bear with me.

Please do bookmark my blog, if you so wish, and keep checking in. Readers mean someone may just care, which -if I’m lucky- may result in constructive advice.

Thanks for reading!




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