Victoria Wood; the comedienne who proved it could be done.

victoriawoodI distinctly remember the first time I watched Victoria Wood. An old episode of Dinnerladies was being repeated on Gold, and despite not knowing much of the sitcom itself, I laughed my ass off.
I vaguely recall that as the 90s, but I know I’ve loved comedy ever since.

Victoria Wood lead the way for many of today’s female comics; she proved that, in spite of the industry, it could be done. Women can be funny, that women ARE funny.

It’s been two weeks since the story broke, and I’m genuinely still struggling to process it – and that probably explains why I put this off.

The thing I loved most about Victoria was her enormous sense of generosity. It’s widely known the gave “the best lines” to other people, almost shying away from the acclaim, and seemingly all she wanted was to make other people laugh – even if she wasn’t the one to physically do it.

I’ve spent so long – as I can imagine plenty of writers and anybody who was influenced by Victoria trying to write a piece have also experienced – trying to sum up my thoughts, and to do so coherently. It’s difficult, especially in this case. Grace Dent, who I’ve often said inspires me to be better, summed it up for The Independent far better than I could manage, so I insist you give that a read also as Dent nails it as always.

Victoria, we’ll miss you. But now, we must carry on your legacy; we’re all Barry and Freda’s, so let’s do it!


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