March | A Month In Words


I’m writing this on a train back up to London to celebrate my birthday, scrolling through my Facebook, my Instagram, and my Twitter feeds to reflect on the last month. If there was one thing I noticed, it was that March was a funny one; I felt equal parts happy and sad.

Happiness driven from my final day at work being two days spent in London – meeting the HQ team for a big corporate meeting, having dinner with the few from the Wales group who could make it, and feeling really rather content with my personal life.. at least, for the most part.

On the flip side; I was sad to be leaving them – not necessarily the company as a whole but certainly the small team I worked so closely with. They supported me during a difficult couple of weeks, weeks where I truly couldn’t see myself climbing out of the – but they were there for me, and I was so grateful for that. I knew my worse case scenario was returning to the job centre, and with one of the best advisers I had gone, I wasn’t really okay with that option.


Chris Ramsey 'All Growed Up', St David's Hall March 2016
Chris Ramsey ‘All Growed Up’, St David’s Hall March 2016

It wasn’t all bad – I ended the month making a best friend who is so dear to me very happy with exquisitely wonderful seats to see Chris Ramsey on his recent tour. There will come a time in every friendship that you will become so busy with work and life, that you don’t see each other as much as you’d like to.. but that’s okay, because us lucky ones will have a friendship so strong that no matter how many days, weeks, months you don’t see each, when you do come back together it’s truly like no time has passed.

I feel incredibly lucky to have friends like this, friends who I know are always there for me – I’d had quite a rough few months, and spending quality time with people you love was something I sorely needed, and I credit these experiences to keep me powering through the curveballs life will inevitably throw at me.


March went by far too quickly to make any real account of it. I worked, I celebrated, I networked, I screamed my voice away with patriotism, I wrote blog entries whenever I could; I had a routine, I just hope April doesn’t take it away from me.


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