January | A Month In Words


January’s weird isn’t it?

We all hate it; the post-festivities comedown, that sinking feeling of setting your alarm abnormally early for your commute to work, the failed resolutions. It’s the month that the majority of us dread above all others, somehow we make it through.

I was just over a month into my new job, the half way mark of my temporary contract fast approaching. I was never going to lie and say admin is what I want to do, and after interning with Buzz Magazine for 3 weeks in November, a career in admin couldn’t have been further from my plans.
I’m lucky though, I had joined a small team of some of the loveliest people I’ve ever known. I’m lucky to have been given an opportunity, after so long surviving on Jobseekers Allowance – I couldn’t complain to having a routine again, a day-to-day sense of worth and achievement, let alone the biggest monthly wage packet I’ve had in my bank.

But, and to quote Bridget Jones, “As one area of your life starts going okay, another part falls spectacularly to pieces”. I came to a lot of realisations – particularly with the people in my life, and with myself. I’m self-aware enough to know I haven’t been the best person to be around, but I try to be someone better, and I think having a tough month has changed me – I just hope it’ll be an improvement.

It is with no exaggeration that I tell you that I spent the majority of January not knowing what day it is, not knowing where I was with a lot of things and people, and had no idea where I was going. As I make the end of January, I’ve grasped some sort of answer to these questions, but with 11 months of 2016 in store, the chances are these answers will change a hell of a lot.



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