EMMA PREVIEWS: Under The Mountain | Fjords

Cardiff based Fjords have been somewhat quiet so far this year, but the electro synth-rock quintet roar back onto the scene with the release of their forthcoming EP ‘Under The Mountain’, and its lead single ‘Halo’.

The EP, which was recorded with renowned producer Gavin Monaghan, delivers the infectious energy and beautiful melodies that we’d come to expect from Fjords, but there are hints of a new direction which will see them burst any previous preconceptions of their brilliance.

They’re as slick and powerful as they ever were, but there’s an underlying momentum, a confidence which seeps through the four tracks. You’re listening to a band that’s fierce, and are storming ahead of the curve; for me the titular track is a key example of how innovative Fjords are.

Last year, the band were given the Emerging Excellence Award by Help Musicians UK, and when you remember how Fjords have worked tirelessly over the past few years, evolving their sound, it’s a no-brainer that they were awarded. I don’t know what other treats Fjords have up their collective sleeves for us this year, but as a fan I’m beyond excited, because I know it’ll be magnificent. When I previewed their last single Polymath, I said that they were destined for stardom, and with this EP that’s exactly where they’re headed.


‘Under The Mountain’ is released on June 15th. www.wearefjords.co.uk / @wearefjords @ohanotheremma


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