EMMA PREVIEWS: Polymath | Fjords

Fjords (C) Fjords, Owen Mathias
Fjords (C) Fjords, Owen Mathias

Fresh from finding themselves justifiably featured on Wales Online’s 51 Greatest Welsh Pop Records of 2013, Cardiff-based rockers Fjords, self-described as “forward thinking retro-electro with new romantic style”, are set to romance us with the release of their next single.

Polymath is staple Fjords; a powerful drumbeat, slick guitars, synths that David Bowie would be envious of, and spine-tingling vocals. It’s distinctive, akin to smashing Joy Division and The Charlatans, together with Muse and Blur. Addictive and somewhat emotionally empowering, Polymath captivates anyone who listens to it within seconds of the opening beat, rocketing to a crescendo that is a just a taste of what other musical gems these talents have in store for us.

Fjords are no doubt destined for stardom, and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that 2014 will be their year.




www.wearefjords.co.uk / @wearefjords



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