Why Christmas Is Awesome!

With a week to go until the big day, I’ve been thinking what makes Christmas what it is.

The meaning of old has long been lost, to ‘The Man’ and commercialism. Nowadays, it’s all about who can buy the most extravagant/thoughtful/fun present, and how much it costs to put together the whole sha-bang.

Brushing that aside, there’s still something about Christmas that is endearingly sweet; it’s a time to spend with family and with friends, it’s a time to eat a little too much, it’s a time to laugh and have unadulterated fun, and to reminisce over the year taking it’s final bow before the New Year.
The world turns dark at 4, natural light being replaced by fairy lights twinkling away like a rainbow for the night. The atmosphere in general is completely different in comparison with the rest of the year; even the most cynical of us (of which I count myself), succumb to the lullaby of Christmas carols and violently singing along to the Christmas classics, all whilst we’re decorating the tree. It’d be ludicrous if this was any other time of year!

For those of us a bit older, Christmas brings with it alcohol, work parties and the occasional smooch under the mistletoe (surprisingly, yes that’s a thing, it’s not just in the movies..!). We have to admit, we do romanticise the festive season..

So while you watch this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, and cry into your mince pie/mulled wine/box of sweets as Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi; remember that Christmas is beautiful and charming, and we should appreciate it a whole lot more than I think we actually do!


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