Are we back to the glory days of Saturday night TV?

Ant and Dec / (c)

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway burst back onto our screens recently, with 6.38 million people tuning in to its return a fortnight ago.


After a self-imposed 4 year hiatus, there were fears that the format would feel tired. Luckily for us, the Geordie duo proved otherwise with their sparkling chemistry and entertaining features.
While a few popular features of series past had been dropped, the introduction of ‘I’m A Celebrity..Get Out Of My Ear!’ and all new Little Ant and Dec had us all cackling loudly – at least if the Twitter reaction is any indication.

The show has been sorely missed – particularly by those of us who grew up with SNT, and Ant and Dec. The likes of X Factor, countless Andrew Lloyd-Webber searches, and Tonight’s The Night have graced our Saturday night screens over the past few years; and while they have their moments of entertainment, their formats don’t allow for much reinvention.
The shows mentioned certainly split public opinion, but critics have claimed that such programmes have “ruined” the tradition of sitting down with the family and watching prime-time variety extravaganzas..

I personally agree; since Takeaway has been off our screens, it’s fair to say that something has been missing. It’s a little bit cheesy, sometimes cringe-inducing, but always feel-good fun.


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