I’ve been busy.

Suffice to say, it’s been a pretty exciting week in the Thoughts Universe.

I’ve recently began contributing towards Welsh magazines  ‘Buzz’ and ‘The MMP’, focusing on general culture and music respectively.

This week saw my first articles being published (aka first published works ever), which are both online to feast upon now. I think the physical publication will be available for free in Welsh locations from tomorrow, if any Welsh readers are interested.

I’m going to upload both articles individually tonight, so you can share with the world. And if y’all would give them a read, gimme any feedback, it’d be greatly appreciated. ❤

In other news, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting plans together for my 21st in April. Those of you who know me personally, won’t be surprised to hear that I went into full-on Jon Richardson mode making a guest list. But plans are fitting together like some beautiful jigsaw puzzle, which is rather comforting. I’m real excited now, for sure.

I’m still volunteering for Swoosh, alongside filling out a zillion and one job applications. The latter is proving unsuccessful, but it’s not surprise given the state of the country right now. Fingers crossed something will work out soon!

Finally, remember I said I was aiming for a post a week. That’ll start from next week. If I can curb this procrastination habit. *ahem*




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