EMMA REVIEWS: Cut Ribbons @ Buffalo Bar, Cardiff (25/1/2013)

Cut Ribbons performing at Cardiff’s Buffalo Bar, Friday 25th January 2013.
Copyrighted @ Emma Smith

As the five-piece took to the stage for their first gig of 2013, the sound of cheers and applause from a packed out room upstairs at Cardiff’s Buffalo Bar highlighted just how anticipated the set had been for many fans. Naturally going full force into the set, the audience were soon getting into the spirit – as I looked around I saw people either dancing, head-bobbing, swaying and singing along with proud grins plastered across their faces, and I realised just how many people adore this band. If they don’t explode soon we can take that as the final official stamp that the music industry is as cruel and unjust as we’ve always suspected.

Having seen the band several times in the past year I’ve always been struck by how genuine the passion for their music truly bleeds out of every performance, tonight being no exception. It’s certainly an infectious pleasure to watch. Led by a rather giggly Anna and bronchitis-hit Aled, their calming and pretty vocals captivated the crowd, whisking us all away on a musical adventure away from the reality January blues.

The night had been the first gig for me since October, and boy they made it a good one.


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