EMMA PREVIEWS: Borderliners @ Ffotogallery, Penarth

Sat 16 Feb – Sat 23 Mar

Award-winning Lithuanian photographers Aleksandras Macijauskas and Rimaldas Vikšraitis unveil their latest exhibition at Penarth’s Ffotogallery this month. Presenting the decline of a village in pre and post-Soviet Union Lithuania, Borderlines sees emotive visual narratives from a rural way of life almost unrecognisable today.

Captured between 1969 and 1987, the collection ‘Rural Markets’ from self-taught photographer Macijauskas, offers us a dramatic mix of social realism alongisde the avant-garde. Both frightening and dark in humour, Vikšraitis’s locally set ‘Grimaces Of A Weary Village’ also shines a light on a rural way of life in Lithuania which sat close extinction.

Vikšraitis has frequently named Macijauskas as his formative teacher and the influence is not hard to see with mirroring monochromic styles, a raw social backdrop, and powerful imagery characterising both photographers’ work.

Whilst the subjects of these works may be long gone, the stories and characters captured reflect upon our own lives with humanity and soul. It’s certainly thought-provoking, and in a surreal way, life-affirming. An emotion I would like to think Aleksandras Macijauskas and Rimaldas Vikšraitis were hoping to evoke.

To complement the exhibition, Ffotogallery will also be hosting a special Artist Talk event on Sat 16 Feb to commemorate Lithuania’s Independence Day.

Admission: free. Info: 029 2034 1667 / http://www.ffotogallery.org


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