Chris Ramsey
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As Chris Ramsey jumped onto the stage to the sound of cheers and raucous applause, it was clear to see why The Glee Club Cardiff had – along with several other venues- sold out.

Feeling Lucky is about as deep as shows generally get. At it’s core it’s a question of our existence: how did we get chosen to be who we are, be born into the families we have been? Was it just pure luck of the draw? It’s an undercurrent to the belly laughs, but I certainly found it food for thought.

It’s quite a brave thing to use such questions as a theme for comedy, but to do so without coming across as a pretentious fool is no mean feat. Ramsey’s honesty, all with a grin that could melt your heart, confidently keeps him clear of falling into that category.

Ramsey’s abilities lie with his sharp senses and quick wit, bantering with the comfortable assurance that many comedians would be envious of. I’ve been at enough comedy gigs to see when audience interaction goes wrong, but there was no danger of that here.

As charming off-stage as on, there’s no doubt that Chris Ramsey is one of – if not the most- natural talents in the industry today.

In conclusion, a hilarious and thought-provoking show. If there’s one comedy show you see, make sure it’s this one. 5*.


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