Sue Denim, performing at Cardiff’s 10 Feet Tall

Weaving her way through the crowd to cheers of anticipation, Sue Denim ascended to the small stage with all eyes on her.

A given, as Sue’s always been a charismatic presence, both on stage and off.

It’s hard not to fall for Denim’s charms though; especially with the debut of her first solo album And The Unicorn, jam-packed with folksy-pop tracks with honest and creative lyrics which could warm the coldest of hearts. On stage, joined by award-winning producer David Wrench, Sue’s unique and passionate vocals captivated the legion of fans with the wonderfully eerie sounding ‘The Plan’.

There’s something positively fairytale about the gig that I rarely see; Sue manages to take us back to innocent childhoods with almost-lullabies softly swaying us, grabbing our hands and running away from our realities, it’s all rather magical.

As the set comes to a sad close, I get the feeling that everyone will not only leave with the songs of the night in their head but also undeniably uplifted, and no doubt in love with Ms Denim.




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