Wimbledon 2012: Can Murray make history?

Andy Murray / (c) BBC

When I began this blog, I made a mental check-list as to the topics I may include. Tennis, or more generally sport, was not one of them.

Skip forward a fortnight, to the beginning of Wimbledon 2012.
The first week began relatively normal, and few of the lower ranked seeds knocked out early but nothing particularly shocking; until Rafael Nadal suffered a shock exit at the hands of 100th ranked Czech Lukas Rosol, in an upset which had the majority of the nation analysing. Nadal’s exit cast a whole new light on the tournament, that even the strongest players were not safe, a message which would most likely hit hardest for British player Andy Murray.

As I write this, the Men’s Singles Final is currently in the third set. Andy Murray versus Swiss Roger Federer. Murray, being the first Briton in 74 years to reach the men’s final, a feat last achieved by Bunny Austin in 1938, will undoubtedly be feeling years of pressure on his shoulders, but it is possible this may be the year for him.

Maybe that’s luck that the usual source of his defeat was knocked out in the earlier rounds, but there’s definitely been a change in Andy’s attitude in the past year. As someone who has confessed to not being a tennis connoisseur, I’ve noticed Murray seems to not only become a lot faster and more agile on the court (be that grass, clay or other), but I’ve noticed he seems more aware of his skill set; what his strong points are, and his weaker points. As I’ve watched his performance over the tournament, they’re the key things I’ve noticed about his matches, in comparison to last year. I may be completely wrong but that’s the way I see it.

Regardless of today’s outcome. Andy Murray can definitely be proud of himself for not only breaking the semi-final curse, but also somewhat proving his critics wrong. And whether you like tennis or not, there’s no denying that this final is a historic one.


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