The Fix Factor?

Before I start, it’s worth saying that while I like Amelia-Lily, she’s not my choice to win. So I’m not defending my favourite.

It emerged today that HMV had listed the Amelia’s ‘winner’ song for pre-order, prompting an out-cry of “Fix!”. I understand this response, honestly I do. But a lot of people are forgetting that all the finalists record their single before the final, with the pre-order available days prior to the final. This year, it has just been unfortunate that a technical fault meant only Amelia’s was listed. 

I’m not in the defence because I don’t want Amelia to win, but even if I was backing Amelia, I wouldn’t be kicking up a fuss. This year’s final is so close between Amelia, Little Mix and Marcus. I doubt this ‘blip’ will affect the results, unless there’s a subsequent ant-Amelia backlash. Not that a technicality (something Amelia herself has no control over) should prompt a backlash.

The moral; calm yourselves. It’s a close call this year. The Great Joe Public are no longer gullible to Simon Cowell and the execs twisted manipulative ways. The ‘Comeback Kid’ may be favourite since her return (when it was announced that one of the Rejected Four would replace Cocozza, her return was predictable). We didn’t fall for Frankie Cocozza, we won’t fall for this.


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